What is a private music lesson?

Students are tutored by a professional musician who is an expert on their instrument. This individual instructional time allows for even more detailed learning and can assist students in advancing their skills to achieve even greater excellence on their instrument.

Can it fit in my child’s hectic schedule?

Yes! Lessons occur after school and last for 30 minutes.  A regular, weekly lesson time is assigned to each student based upon the needs of the student and availability of the teacher.

What are the benefits of private lessons?

  • Students receive individual attention for 30 minutes a week on their instrument
  • An efficient method to achieve more proficient technical and musical prowess
  • The better your student gets at their instrument, the more they will enjoy music!!

Can I pay for lessons online?

Yes! Cypress Fairbanks ISD allows for payment of the private lesson accounts online. It is offered through “School Cash Online” which can be found at https://cypress-fairbanksisd.schoolcashonline.com. If you have any questions, please email Laura Bradshaw at laura.bradshaw@cfisd.net.

How can I sign my child up for lessons?

Download this form and return it to a director