This organization shall assist the directors of the Cypress Falls High School Band in reaching the band program goals. This support shall include but is not limited to fundraising, preparing and maintaining an annual budget, organizing committees, and maintaining communication to the membership and the community.

Constitution and Bylaws - Article II, Section 2

The Cypress Falls Band Boosters are all the parents of the children of the Cypress Falls High School Band. The Booster parents support their individual child; support the entire band for the benefit of each band member; support the band directors in their efforts to teach and coach the individual student and the band as a whole. The Booster parents support their individual child by providing for the extra items necessary for full participation in the band. These include personal musical instruments, cost of uniform cleaning and upkeep, shoes, other musical items, private lessons, transportation and anything else the student needs to do his or her best in the band. The Booster parents support the entire band by acting as chaperones, providing transportation, helping with equipment, managing the uniforms, supporting the acquisition of music, marching drills, music commissions, competition fees and raising funds to cover these expenses. This support is essential to the success of each band student and of the entire band. Each year our graduates display a list of achievements due to their participation in the band. Parents could not be more proud of their children and the results of their own presence and support in our Band program.

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